growing body of research confirms there is some good in being a working mom. New studies are giving credence to the notion that children of working moms have a lot to gain. Feeling a twinge of guilt because you aren’t cutting it when it comes to being a working mom? Don’t throw in the towel just yet! Your cloud of despair may have a silver lining after all.

So what is this new research saying? Journalists Resource shares some findings;

Working Moms Spend More Quality Time With Their Kids

New studies have discovered that although working moms spend less time with their children, they make up for it by spending quality time with them whenever they get the chance. Moreover, most well-educated working moms with tight work schedules use educational and structured activities such as board games, puzzles, etc. more often. These are very interactive and engaging than unstructured activities. In the long run, they have a positive impact on the cognitive development of their children. Amy Hsin and Christina Felfe‘s study showed that college-educated moms who were working moms spent 4.9 hours per week engaged in educational activities with their children. This was more than their less-educated, non-working peers.

Kids of Working Moms Are Chips Off The Old Block

When it comes to children of working moms, it appears the apple doesn’t fall too far from the tree. Kathleen McGinn and two other researchers conducted two surveys that had a lot to tell. Over 100,000 men and women from 29 different countries took part in the surveys. The results revealed that the work status of mothers affected both genders. Females whose mothers worked during their adult life end up having jobs when they grow up. They also become good supervisors at the workplace, have good work ethics and earn high incomes. The effect on male children is minimal nonetheless interesting. Such males grow up becoming very caring fathers. They tend to spend more time with their family members than men who never had working moms.

Kids of Working Moms Have Good Grades And Are Well Behaved

Another interesting discovery from a study led by Rachel Dunifon in 2013 to find out the effect of maternal employment on children’s academic performance had interesting findings. The study observed 135,000 Danish children born between 1987 and 1992 up to their ninth grade. It revealed that children whose moms worked during their childhood did better at school than children whose moms did not work. Children whose moms put in about 19 working hours every week had GPAs 2.6 per cent higher than children whose moms did not work at all. The study also revealed that these children also behaved well. Most career women are successful and responsible members of society and as moms, they become role models for their children.

Well, that certainly is some good news! Being a working mom is not as bad as it is, looking at it from this perspective. However, despite your busy schedule, you need to spend quality time with your children to bond more with them. Make the most of those moments when you are off the clock. That’s what makes the difference! So cheer up!

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