The kernels of the Apricot tree produces a nourishing carrier oil called Apricot kernel oil. Read on about this oil and its benefits for the skin.


Botanists scientifically call the Apricot kernel tree Prunus armeniaca, which means the ‘Armenian plum’. Most people believe that the tree was named after Armenia. In this country, the tree grows in abundance. There has been a lot of historical debate surrounding the true origin of the Armenian plum. Some scholars believe the tree was first cultivated in India before 3000 BC. Others however claim it first originated from China. In fact, in contemporary China, people still call a physician the ‘Expert of the Apricot Grove’. Now, the tree grows in other places like Italy, Greece and Turkey. Turkey is in fact the world’s largest producer.


Apricots’ biting taste makes them a preferred fruit when eaten raw. Many people use them for culinary purposes. For instance, they use them for marmalade and jams. Moreover, in traditional Chinese medicine, Apricot kernel oil was used to treat ulcers, swellings and tumours. The English later copied and practised this during the 17th century. Similarly, other traditional medicine approaches such as Ayurveda, later adopted the medicinal use of this oil. Indeed, Ayurveda medicine capitalised on the oil’s hydrating properties. Thus it was used to slow down ageing and to boost the body’s immune system.

How Apricot Kernel Oil is extracted

The extraction process begins by first soaking the hard, outer shells of the kernels in water. This is done for 10 to 20 minutes to soften them. Then, once the shells come off, the kernels are exposed. The exposed kernels are cold-pressed between two rotating metallic plates. These plates apply intense machine-driven pressure to crush the kernels. Sometimes, the kernels are ground into powder or paste before cold-pressing them. As a matter of fact, cold pressing preserves the quality of the oil by protecting it from heat. Once this process is completed, Argan oil is extracted. This oil is amber-coloured and smells like apricot.

What Apricot Kernel Oil contains

The composition of Apricot Kernel oil is a combination of Omega fatty acids, other acids and vitamins. Their benefits are shown in the table below:

Benefits of Apricot Kernel Oil

Constituent Skin Benefit
Oleic Acid (Omega 9 acid) Keeps skin soft and radiant
Reduces the visible signs of ageing such as wrinkles and fine lines
Alpha-Linoleic Acid (Omega 3 acid) Reduces inflammation
Palmitic Acid (Omega 7 acid) Softens the skin
Soothes the skin
Linoleic Acid (Omega 6 acid) Helps wounds to heal
Soothes acne and prevents a flare-up
Helps the skin to retain moisture
Reduces inflammation
Stearic Acid Deeply cleanses the skin of sebum, dirt and sweat
Softens the skin
Vitamin A Protects skin from sun damage
Reduces the visible signs of ageing such as wrinkles and fine lines
Triggers the production of collagen
Triggers cells regeneration to keep skin strong, healthy and firm
Helps wounds to heal faster
Protects the skin from toxins and bacteria
Clears up skin discolourations
Gives an even tone
Slows down the production of oil in the skin
Clears up pores and
Prevents acne flare-up
Vitamin E Slows down ageing
Helps skin to retain moisture
Reduces scarring and blemishes
Cleanses skin pores
Reduces oil production in pores
Prevents acne

Apricot Kernel oil is the perfect emulsifier that can bind water and oil. Besides, it is also non-greasy, which is why we use it to make many cosmetics. If you want to experience these benefits, you’re welcome to try our GLOW FACE ELIXIR. Get it here.