These time-saving tips will help you set aside precious moments out of your busy schedule that you will need to spend connecting with your family. It’s only logical that if you want to spend quality time with your kids, then you must have time. You can only have time if you save time!

Part 1: Time-Saving Tips for Meal Times

Preparing meals is one of the tasks that takes up a big chunk of any busy mom’s schedule. It has to be done two or three times a day and usually, it’s your job! Here are 10 time-saving tips to help you plan your meals to save time.


Cooking with new recipes takes a long time to get used to (unless you’re a professional chef!). However, cooking by making variations to some of your old recipes slashes your meal prep time to about half the usual time. So next time you’re making a fave, do it with a twist – change the ingredients a bit, so the same meal tastes different every time. This saves you a lot of cooking time and adds variety to your meals. Save new recipes for special occasions when you’re off work and have loads of time to prepare.


Order your groceries online and have them delivered to you. This saves you time and money since you’re not the one doing the shopping (there’s little impulse buying). As a rule of thumb, get your staples or main ingredients online and one-off items from a nearby grocery store.


Take a day off cooking and order meals rather. Make arrangements with a trusted restaurant nearby that serves healthy and budget-friendly cuisine. Have them deliver at least two meals a week for your family.


At least once a week, double up a recipe or meal or make extra so you can freeze up the leftover and reheat for another meal. In fact, this can save you a day of cooking lunch or dinner. Make sure you pick meals that freeze and reheat well.


Try one-pan meals every now and then. With one-pan meals, you get to cook veggies and protein all in one dish; this makes cooking easier. In addition to that, it makes cleaning simpler – just one big pan! Checkup Pinterest for one-pan meal ideas


Let’s call a spade a spade – complex recipes with strict rules on the type of ingredients to use are time-consuming. You probably have to comb two or three grocery stores to get the exact ingredients. Besides, these recipes are ‘straightjacket’ they make cooking cumbersome and take all your time. It’s advisable to go for simpler recipes that allow for a lot of flexibility for ingredients and methods of preparation.


Get creative if you want to save time when planning meals. Do away with all hard and fast rules like eggs are only for breakfast and blah blah blah. This makes your meal planning flexible, simple and saves time eventually. This tip may also come in handy on days when you’ve run out of options or ingredients to prepare a meal. Why run from one grocery store to another trying to grab ingredients when you can make something out of the little you have in your kitchen. If you have eggs, grab a few to make a simple Brown Rice with Lentils, Caramelised onions and Fried Eggs. Get Recipe.


Doing things ahead of time, such as setting the breakfast table or pre-prepping breakfast the night before can save you time during your morning routine. Your family can tuck into their breakfast comfortably without any rush. Moreover, it may save you some time to have a family chat over breakfast before setting off for work or school. 


It’s a good idea to make use of times when you’re off the clock such as weekends to prepare some two or three simple-recipe meals. Freeze these so you can eat them on days when you’re too busy to cook.


Plan menus for breakfast, lunch and dinner for every day of the month. Do this before the beginning of a new month, so you know what to prepare for every day. Go online and print simple recipes you think you can work around. Store them in a folder and label them for each day of the week. At the beginning of every week, go through your recipe folder and pick out meals you’ll be making for the week. Occasionally, alternate your menus to bring some variety into your meals. Planning menus saves you time thinking through what to prepare.

We’ll like to hear from you on some of your time-saving tips for mealtimes. Please share them in the comments section below.

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