7 Ways To Build Strong and Unbreakable Mother-daughter Bond

The existence of a lovely figure aka mother is a fact persuasive enough that nature loves us. Unlike other relationships, the mother-daughter bond is a unique ever-green relationship and a source of unconditional love & support. However, it also requires an equal amount of sacrifices, compromises, and patience from both sides to make it strong and unbreakable. After all, life is notoriously known for throwing us in tricky situations and continuously testing our family bonds. 

If you’re struggling with your teenage daughter or your mother and wish to develop a good relationship, then you’re reading the right article. 

Here are the 7 best ways to have a strong and healthy mother-daughter relationship:

1- Be a Good Listener

Most people just don’t realize the powerful impact of “simply listening” in their relationships. Don’t we all love attentive listeners when we are talking, ranting, or speaking our hearts out? In the same manner, you as a mother can develop an amazing bond with your daughter if you are a good listener. Remember that your daughter needs the confidence to open up to you and it is only possible if you give it. This means being all ears without quickly jumping into judgments. Would you want to scare her? 

The best ways to do this are by talking about topics generally to hear her opinion. Try asking friendly questions about her life at the institution and her relationships with friends & colleagues. You can also follow or help her with some of her personal chores when she is super indulged in her assignments, or come back home from meetings or get-togethers. Chances are that she will start talking herself about her day or work. This way, you will know more without having to ask about it. 

2- Be Flexible

Every healthy relationship is based on efforts involved from both sides so it should not be a shocking fact for a mother that she needs to be flexible and let go of her rigid ways and dictatorship. 

Being a mother, you will need to make some compromises and understand that your teenage daughter is learning and prone to making mistakes. Therefore it’s okay to cut her some slack.

Instead of harsh punishments or typical long lectures, sit with her and tell her why & where she was wrong or when she needs to behave, and how she can fix her mistakes. Do this all the while using your kind motherly tone and logical reasoning. This doesn’t mean allowing your daughter to cross boundaries more often. Rather it is a flexible parenting approach to avoid misunderstandings and develop a strong relationship.  

Similarly, if you are a daughter then you must also understand your mother’s perspective when she scolds you for any mistake. Learn to be positive and discuss with your mother when she is in a much calmer mood. This is inevitable for a successful mother-daughter bond.

3- Create Your Own Special Mother-Daughter Ritual

This doesn’t mean a religious one. Instead, it can be your own mother-daughter common practice for special bonding. Some of them can be going on regular walks, doing time-taking house chores together, working on home improvement tasks like painting or gardening, having quick bedtime chat, etc. You can also have short yet meaningful conversations during these times with your daughter over a number of topics like life goals, fashion trends, health & fitness tips, and personal grooming. 

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4- Foster Trust & Respect

Even though trusting a mother comes naturally to every daughter but sometimes ups and downsides of life can also affect this part. Therefore, you’ve to keep nurturing the “plant of trust”  in order to nourish your mother-daughter bond. Avoid making null promises and try your best to keep the commitments you make. This will not only build the trust of your children but also show them how good it feels to be able to rely on someone and have someone’s back. 

As a mother, it’s your responsibility to show them how to be a trusting and respectful person in any relationship. The right way to do it is to be one yourself. 

As a daughter, learn and embrace your family rules. It’s best to know and understand what your mother likes and what she will criticize. Avoid lying, doing inappropriate activities, or going back on your words if you treasure your relationship with your mother. 

5- Learn to Control and Manage Emotions 

If you can’t pinpoint your emotions immediately to control them before they do the damage, then you will have a tough time in your mother-daughter relationship. Several studies showed that a mother with good mental health is the key to a strong mother-daughter relationship rather than the daughter. 

Don’t keep emotions bottled in either when you get into any conflict because it leads to built-up anger. Leave the issue for time being to cool down your mind and then bring it back to discuss again at the right time. Also, teach your daughter about her emotions and help her identify them because emotional intelligence is quite an important trait. 

6- Learn More About Eachother

Do you know what your daughter likes to wear? What is her favorite place to eat? What career excites her for the future? If you are not sure about the answers, then it’s high time to pay attention to her favorites. Learn what lifts her mood and what ticks her off. You can easily do this by occasionally chatting about each other’s likes & dislikes. 

How about playing 20 questions sometimes? 

7- Learn to Forgive and Avoid Conflicts

Yes, although it takes courage to do so, that’s the key to every successful relationship. Both mothers and daughters need to accept their mistakes because making mistakes is inevitable and can happen from any side. So instead of putting guilt burden and blaming, forgiveness is a way to go. 

Conflicts are also one of the big challenges for relationships. So, if you face one in your mother-daughter relationship, don’t get into a too much-heated discussion. As a mother, accept what your daughter thinks and try to make your point across in a much friendly way. Likewise, a daughter should also respect her mother’s opinion. 

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