Here are six Christmas activities (fun and very cheap!) to do with your kids to fill them with holiday cheer. Engaging in some activities with your kids this festive season is one surefire way to spend quality time with them and to bond in the process.



Of all the Christmas activities to do with your kids, this activity is a must! Bundle up with your kids on the living room floor on afternoons or evenings to watch some Christmas-themed movies. Have some warm drinks and cookies to make it more fun. You can also have movie marathons to stretch the fun if you have some movie maniacs in your family. Add to your movie collection or subscribe to a streaming service like Netflix or Amazon Prime Video and pick a movie to watch every day. Alternatively, you can gather the children around and read to them.

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There’s no Christmas without baking (it’s such a holiday tradition!). Making some Christmas cookies is one great way to do something together with the kids. Turn your kids into apprentice chefs; get them in the kitchen to help you out. Let them mix up ingredients, stir and decorate the cookies. There’s a wide variety of cookies you can bake. You can choose from classics like gingerbread men to snickerdoodles to ginger snaps. Take your pick and enjoy making something that will tease your taste buds.

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Whether it’s a pyjama party or a gingerbread house making party or a costume party, whatever tickles your fancy, do throw a party for the family. It doesn’t really feel like Christmas without one. Make it more fun by getting the kids involved in the planning. And remember to have some cookies and warm drinks (hot cocoa is such a fave!), so it feels like a party.

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Get the kids in the holiday spirit by making and putting up some décor. You have a tall list of items to choose from when it comes to Christmas decor. There are Christmas ornaments like baubles, stockings, garlands, wreaths and Christmas trees.

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Spread some holiday cheer by putting a smile on the faces of the less privileged. Give in cash or kind. Go through yours and your kids’ stuff and pick out old toys and clothing they are willing to part with. Or buy some gifts when you are doing your Christmas shopping. Wrap these items up nicely with the kids, drive them over to donate to a local charity. You and the kids can also bake extra cookies and give some out.


This activity is an all-time Christmas favourite. If you had Secret Santa last year, repeat it this year but with a twist. You can change the rules, pick a theme for your gifts (like holiday sweaters or ornaments) or even switch from the traditional gift-swap to a potluck. These are all ways you can make the kids experience Secret Santa with a difference. 

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Remember to make the most of every moment to connect with your kids while you’re having fun. Have your best Christmas ever!