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Remember one of our key ingredients – chamomile? Well, did you know that it contains a colourless, oily liquid? As a matter of fact, this liquid is the main constituent of its essential oil. Bisabolol is the name of this

Usually, Rose petals produce the oils and other ingredients used in most beauty products. However, the rose's seedpod, popularly known as its hip also produces a thin oil known as Rosehip oil. Basically, Rosehips are the small, round, reddish-orange fruits

The kernels of the Apricot tree produces a nourishing carrier oil called Apricot kernel oil. Read on about this oil and its benefits for the skin. History Botanists scientifically call the Apricot kernel tree Prunus armeniaca, which means the ‘Armenian plum’. Most

Isn't it ironic that from the heart of the almost barren desert of Morocco grows in abundance the Argan tree? This tree nurtures a wonder in its nutshells - Argan oil. ORIGIN AND HISTORY The Argan tree, scientifically known as the

The striking appearance of calendulas would captivate you if you should come across them in a garden. For one thing, they usually stand out from all the other plants. Moreover, they glow like gold in the sunshine as if they

So, you had a good night's sleep after many countless sleepless nights. Indeed, you wouldn't even have heard a plane crash outside your window. Now, you're wondering what did the trick! If you drank some chamomile tea before bedtime, then